Vacation Transportation

by Adam Lareau

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Sun Is Fun 02:40
Let's all take a pleasure cruise and stare at views, developed from post cards. Then we'll disembark at a place of slower pace that has hotels and sand bars. That'll show 'em we don't have time for time, our cautious projects all condemned to wait in line. The life of leisure leaves the linear mode behind. So we'll bask under private suns and forget the one it closely resembles, cause what difference does it make if it's real or fake when we only want symbols. We were lucky we were the first to arrive cause furious planning lets aggressive creatures thrive and one should never leave the pleasure cruise at night. There's no pretending that we're interested in local affairs while language barriers turn our conversations into blank stares; it's such a good excuse for showing that we just don't care. It's just a tour to us, it's some programmed ride and everything that we see has no depth inside so how could anybody live across that divide?
You'll lie on sandy beaches where the winter never reaches drinking from a coconut shell - it's not that far. We offer horseback riding, mini golf, croquet, zip lining, volleyball and laser tag, it's not so far. And when you book your tour with us be sure to stay close to the bus. Why do they always come to teach us when we land? I already have enough baggage, and I just want to sink into the sand. Won't somebody make me a sandwich?
I stand on the beach and my presence there collapses the state. All possible features decohere into a single trait. But from out on the waves the whole shore is just a shimmering line, it traces out worlds that can exist only as undefined. They call through the wind and it calms me down to know they exist. For everything wrong I'll find a place where it will all get fixed. Eventually I'll ride on a wave that takes me back to the shore and as I approach I make out details that weren't there before. They come at the price of the things that could've been there in their stead, so after a while I wade back out to keep them all in my head. But of all of these worlds I just need the one with you by my side. I've still gotta surf now and again to keep the rest alive.
GPS Outage 02:45
Dark woods around us No sky can find us There ought to be some sign ahead. We've been on this empty road for hours. There better be someplace I can shower cause it's been a rough day, let's wash this trip away. It's been a few days since we lost the signal and every path we take is invisible but if we keep on the way we'll find someplace to stay
For once in my life I followed through. I had purchased the ticket so what could I do? I'm packing my bags and saying goodbye to my state of mind. I got off the plane and rode on a tram in search of the place that shows me who I am. Reflected in everything that I see is a part of me and it makes up my mind, and when I make decisions the places from my past are each a different way to see the facts. I put on a suit and blast into space. It all looks so small; the borders between us are erased, the problems back home unimportant and small till i start to fall. I crash to the earth and get in my car - it's time to head back, it's time to uncover who the rest of you really are cause we're all defined by the shape of the lands where we make our stand. (Repeat Chorus)
Away From Us 01:39
They moved the heart away from us and we were left in doubt, but now we can see the entrances just lying about. Yes, I found it out.
I heard a joke while I was out on the town. It seemed to capture something novel and profound, but back at the house when I repeated the words it didn't have the same effect as just before. Don't try to move the answer, it'll be wrong. You can ask the question but the context is gone; the truth moves on. There was a prophet on my end of the train. He made some sense while we traversed the arid plains but once we crossed into more populous lands it was just ramblings from a lost and broken man. (Repeat chorus) I had a breakthrough in a vision I dreamt, it held the key to what my whole existence meant. Then I described it and it didn't make sense - it couldn't translate to a state of consciousness. (Repeat chorus)
Where Was I 03:15
Here, where no one knows anything of me I can try out a whole new identity and then once I decide who I want to be I can test drive in foreign society. But, beware, cause every new personality has the potential to undo all your history. But I don't care. I'm sure I'll know where my old life has gone, I'll just rewind my mind. Who am I?
Our trip abroad was irreversible; the things we saw destroyed our home and though the structure was still visible they had altered everything we'd ever known. All of our rooms denied their memories and though everything was in it's place we still could tell they all were forgeries for the old patterns of our life had been erased. While all our dealings were innocuous, through an involuntary act they tore the road to home away from us and we will never have the chance to get it back. They know nothing of it yet now they are all part of it. We have to build the new empire over the old. You get to keep only the history that you've been told. Now that I've managed to adjust to it, I will not waste my time on fear. For though the sacrifice is permanent it's effects will make my life a souvenir. And oh what a relief when we changed our minds and everything went back to normal. (Repeat chorus)
Settling 01:42
In the beginning when the feelings were still new We were unpacking too much stuff to care. We went for the comfortable each time we had to choose and missed the things particular and rare. I stand at the window and at last enjoy the view; the strange has settled into a routine, but now that the week has gone there's so much we could do - the rest will only happen in a dream.
I just got back from the cruise and all I got's this stupid shirt and a drunken blur where everyone I met was my best friend. I had so much fun that now I can't remember what happened and it's too late to be yesterday. Don't tell me, I know my mistakes. I'd watch the waves while lying on the sand or buy overpriced mixed drinks from some hotel cabana. Instead my vista is vacant and dull; I want my life to be like some Club Med commercial. (Repeat chorus) So now I know what I will miss, isn't that what the purpose of a vacation is - to be content with just a glance and resign the best parts of our lives to the past. (Repeat chorus)


Odd numbered songs are destinations, and the songs in-between are journeys, made from memories and anticipations of the destinations. (i.e. from samples)

This album is intentionally mastered a bit quieter than the current standard, so if it doesn't seem loud enough, try turning it up!


released June 18, 2013


all rights reserved



Adam Lareau Brooklyn, New York

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