Let's all take a pleasure cruise
and stare at views, developed from post cards.
Then we'll disembark at a place of slower pace
that has hotels and sand bars.

That'll show 'em we don't have time for time,
our cautious projects all condemned to wait in line.
The life of leisure leaves the linear mode behind.

So we'll bask under private suns
and forget the one it closely resembles,
cause what difference does it make if it's real or fake
when we only want symbols.

We were lucky we were the first to arrive
cause furious planning lets aggressive creatures thrive
and one should never leave the pleasure cruise at night.

There's no pretending that we're interested in local affairs
while language barriers turn our conversations into blank stares;
it's such a good excuse for showing that we just don't care.

It's just a tour to us, it's some programmed ride
and everything that we see has no depth inside
so how could anybody live across that divide?


from Vacation Transportation, released June 18, 2013


all rights reserved



Adam Lareau Brooklyn, New York

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